Below is a low-resolution slideshow of photographs that were shot in Central America between 2009-2012 accompanied by an audio montage of field recordings gathered within the region by Abigail Smith and myself. The piece was presented at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco on July 21st 2014 as part of a program curated by Jack Rice.

This work will soon be released individually in the forms of a
photobook titled "Zona Urbana" and a physical audio album.



a visual and sound art group show
curated by Lori Canada

Fluorescent Gallery
Bloomington, IN
April 2014

En Masse, or sameness
Skylab Gallery  57 E. Gay St. Columbus OH
April 2014

A group show of xerox-based art featuring work by Justin Rhody, Nick Boso, Lennart Van den Bossche, Timo Demollin, Samuel DeVine, Ryan Feeney, Kirt Hobler, Rachelle Howland, Dylan Kasson, James McDevitt-Stredney, Corbin Mahieu, André Mooij, Jessica Naples, Darius Ou Dahau, James Payne, Spencer Peterson, Ben Quinn, Isabel Seiffert, Daniel Stettner, Lexie Stoia & Sichong Xie.


A few of the photos used in a collaborative project
entitled “Making Studying” that was performed
at the Berkeley Art Museum, May 3rd 2013.

Sophia Wang & Brontez Purnell: choreography
Justin Rhody: dual 35mm slide projections
Bernadette Mayer: text & voice
Tooth: 16mm film projections

Choreographed by Sophia Wang and Brontez Purnell, in dialogue with the text and voice of Bernadette Mayer (recorded specifically for this piece) reading from her Studying Hunger Journals. Tooth and myself filmed and photographed aspects of Brontez and Sophia’s performance within the same space of the museum that it was later projected and performed in (with dual 35mm slide projections flanking a single channel 16mm projection, creating a lighted field that surrounded the dancers.)



collaged wall installation of electrophotographs, roughly 15' x 15'
(all images pulled from the 6th issue of SLO-MO that is currently being edited)

June 22nd - July 2nd, 2013
Black Hole Cinematheque / Archive
1038 24th Street,   Oakland, Ca   94607